Family Farm Weekends

Kids love coming to the farm; there is such delight in opening a nesting box and finding eggs, feeding the goats, or scratching the soil with a hoe. We find that kids who come to stay here are up early, eager to join in the chores and thrilled to taste the fruits of their labors.


On Friday, we suggest families eat on the way to the farm to break up the journey a little. We have an evening tour of the farm around 6:30 or 7 to get everyone acquainted with the farm and each other.

Saturday chores begin early—before seven— so often kids join in while the adults get a little extra rest. This can include cheesemaking, milking the cows, gathering eggs, and other daily tasks. A simple breakfast follows, then it’s out again for more work—grafting, weeding, picking apples, or harvesting herbs or vegetables from the garden.

From 11 to 3 your time is your own to visit wineries, explore Hendy Woods, or just relax around the farm or river. At 3pm we head to the kitchen to make our feast from what we’ve gathered.

Sunday morning is another opportunity to help with chores, then we gather in the kitchen to prepare our big farm breakfast. You’ll head home with recipes and memories, and hopefully some inspiration for integrating a little of the farm lifestyle into your life.


We understand being flexible is important when you have kids – it’s important on the farm as well. While participation in the meal preparation and farm tasks will be an amazing experience for everyone, nothing is required. If you need to take a break or get a snack, you and the kid(s) are welcome to come and go as you please. We will make sure you are well fed and comfortable.

The Family Farm Weekend cost is $575 per person and $100 per child, based on double occupancy. Includes two nights in a guest cottage or our room with a view.

Available on selected dates throughout the year or as a group option on available weekends. Check out our calendar for dates.

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel your reservation, the total cost for the weekend is non-refundable. We will do our best to fill your vacancy, in which case we will waive the balance. The deposit is not refundable.