Farm Stand

The Fruits of Our Labor

We love our foods fresh and are happiest when we can have them that way. We believe that eating in season is the best path to a long and healthy life. Most of us are lucky enough to be able to choose from a wide array of foods throughout the year, but many of those foods are traveling long distances and are costing us in ways we cannot always foresee. Our next preference is to eat foods that have been processed as close to the source as possible. Food preservation is a time honored way of stretching the harvest bounty between seasons. In our not too distant past it was an absolute necessity for our rural population. Many of the techniques and recipes that used to be handed down from mother to daughter are being lost in our fast-paced times. We hope to carry on the tradition.

The products that we offer are the best of their kind made in ways that preserve and enhance the basic fruits. We hope you enjoy them.

Off the Farm

On Saturdays you can find us at the Farmers' Market in San Francisco behind the wonderful new Ferry Building. The Fatted Calf in San Francisco and Napa has a limited selection of our jams and chutneys. In St Helena, Sunshine Market carries our apple juice and a few jams and chutneys.