Farm Stand: Fresh Apples & Pears

Check the key on the left for location specifics for each type of fruit. For further descriptions of our apples, visit our Varieties page.

A: Readily available for serveral weeks during season. Your store should have no problem finding these.
B: Case lots go out to our distributors, but sometimes only one shipment, depending on fruit set.
C: No guarantee that these will get to market...but for sure at the Farm Stand and usually the SF Farmers' Market.
D: Only at the farm. Call for availability.
E: We don't know yet about flavor or productivity...but we've heard good things.

Fresh Apples

Check the key at the top for location specifics for each type of fruit.
Arkansas Black   middle October   C
Art's Apple   middle October   C
Ashmead's Kernal   middle September   C
Astrachan (Red)   Early July   C
Baldwin   middle September   C
Belle De Boskoop   early October   D
Black Twig   late October   B
Braeburn   early October   C
Bramley Seedling   middle September   C
Cinnamon Spice   late September   C
Coes Golden Drop   unknown   E
Connell Red   middle August   B
Cortland   late September   D
Cox’s Orange Pippin   early September   C
Crabapples   middle July - early September   C
Crimson Gold   early October   D
Duchess of Oldenberg   middle July   D
Fall Pippin   middle August   B
Fireside   late September   C
Foxwhelp   early September   D
Fuji   early October   D
Gold Rush   late September   C
Golden Russet   middle September   D
Gravenstein   early August   A
Hanner’s Best   middle September   D
Hidden Rose Apples™   middle September   D
Hudson's Golden Gem   early October   D
Jonathan   middle September   A
Karmijn D'Sonneville   middle September   D
Kerry Irish Pippin   late August   D
Kidd's Orange Red   late September   C
King David   late September   B
King of Tompkins   middle September   C
King Solomon   late September   D
Knobbed Russet   late September   E
Lady Apple   middle October   D
McIntosh   early September   B
Melrose   late September   C
Morgenduft   early October   D
Neidwetzkyana   unknown   E
Newtown Pippin   early October   D
Nodhead   unknown   E
Northern Spy   early October   C
Orange Pippin   early September   C
Paladay Bouquet   late August   D
Philo Gold   early September   A
Pink Pearl   middle August   B
Pride O' Philo   late October   C
Red Delicious   middle September   C
Red Gold   early September   C
Rhode Island Greening   late August   C
Roxbury Russet   late September   D
Sierra Beauty   middle October   A
Spitzenberg   late September   B
Splendour   middle September   B
Stayman Winesap   late September   D
Swaar   late September   D
Sweet Sixteen   middle September   D
Thornberry   unknown   D
Tremlett's Bitter   middle September   E
Tydeman Red   early August   C
Waltana   early October   D
Wealthy   late August   D
Westfield Seek No Further   late September   D
White Winter Pearmain   middle October   C
Wickson   early October   B
Winter Banana   late September   C
Yarlington Mill   unknown   E
Yellow Bellflower   early October   D
York   early October   D
Zabergrau Reinette   unknown   E

Fresh Pears

Check the key at the top for location specifics for each type of fruit.
Bartlett   middle August   B
Bosc   early September   B
Buerre Hardy (French Butter Pear)   middle September   C
Comice   late September   D
D'Anjou   middle September   D
New Flemish   early October   D
Red Clapp   unknown   D
Seckel   middle September   D
Winter Nelis   middle October   D

Fresh Quince

Check the key at the top for location specifics for each type of fruit.
Crimea   unknown   D
Orange   late September   C
Pineapple   early September   C
Smyrna   early October   C