Harvest is drawing to a close and the focus is putting the farm to bed. October brought over eight inches of most welcome rain and we are back to green everywhere we look, a beautiful contrast with the the color in the trees and vineyards throughout the valley.

Cider pressing is finished for the year, but our barrels are full and fermenting their way towards hard cider and vinegar. Our boiled cider is the bottled essence of the season and takes its place in the pantry as the fresh apples fade away.

Our last few Stay and Cook events take us up to Thanksgiving and then the quiet winter will be upon us. The Farmstand remains open year round, though  fresh apples will likely be sold out by the holidays. Jam, jelly, chutney and vinegars, as well as apple juice preserve the flavors of the harvest to brighten dull winter days. 

December and January are lovely times to visit and hibernate in our cozy cabins. We are far enough north here to experience something like a real winter with some warm and glorious days thrown in, just to remind us how wonderful our sun can feel.

We have opened the calendar for the first half of 2017. Think about planning a visit with family and friends as you gather for the holidays. We will be opening the summer and fall calendars as soon as our larger events come together during the summer. Give us a call if you have a specific date in mind and we will see how it fits in our mix.

Wishing you a wonderful winter from all of us here at the farm.


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