deep into summer...

What happened to all of that water? The contrast is pretty amazing now, but we are still feeling  the affects of a good deep winter soak. The river is running clear and cool and from the sounds of it lots of folks are enjoying its pleasures.

We drilled a new well and its nice to know that the aquifer is so close to the surface. The water is plentiful, cool and tasty with none of the problems of our old deep well. Our new mainline irrigation is in place and working exceptionally well. We are thankful for  the hard work of all the folks it took to bring together both the funding and the installation.

It was a hard year in the fungal zone - actually just hard for us- they had a banner year - a virtual population explosion.  But there will be plenty of apples and in fact we are already harvesting the first Astrachans and Crabapples. The crop is a little later  than it has been the last couple of years which makes us happy, we aren't quite ready for full harvest mode. 

There are still plenty of openings on the calendar for both summer and fall, and as always midweek is great for last minute decisions to get out of town. We hope you can join us this season on our little piece of heaven in Anderson Valley.


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