Farm Stand


Our Self-Service Farm Stand is open daily from 9am--6pm.  

We are more likely to be around to assist you on the weekends but we are always set up for you to help yourself using the honor system.

The Fruits of Our Labor

We love our foods fresh and are happiest when we can have them that way. We believe that eating in season is the best path to a long and healthy life. Most of us are lucky enough to be able to choose from a wide array of foods throughout the year, but many of those foods are traveling long distances and are costing us in ways we cannot always foresee. Our next preference is to eat foods that have been processed as close to the source as possible. Food preservation is a time honored way of stretching the harvest bounty between seasons. In our not too distant past it was an absolute necessity for our rural population. Many of the techniques and recipes that used to be handed down from mother to daughter are being lost in our fast-paced times. We hope to carry on the tradition.

The products that we offer are the best of their kind made in ways that preserve and enhance the basic fruits. We hope you enjoy them.

If You Visit

We work very hard to create and maintain aesthetically pleasing and hospitable spaces and being able to share them is very gratifying for us.  During your visit you are welcome to enjoy the upper garden and shop at our self-service Farm Stand. This is our home in addition to being a fully operational working farm and though we are very busy, we are always happy to answer questions and help direct you.  We like to make our visitors feel welcome but self-sufficient.  Thank you for respecting the privacy of our homes and that of our overnight guests. For the full farm experience and access to the property,  join us for an overnight visit. 

Off the Farm

We prefer to keep our products as local as possible and since we currently have a good balance of supply and demand WE DO NOT OFFER SHIPPING.

However there are several locations throughout Northern California where you can find some of our products:

--  For those who don't want to make the trip up valley, Farmhouse Mercantile is open daily from 10am - 5pm in Boonville and carries an extensive line of our products

--On most Saturdays during the harvest season you can find us at the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market in San Francisco.  

--The Fatted Calf in S.F. and Napa carries a limited selection of our products.

--In Napa Valley Sunshine Market and Oxbow Produce carry our apple juice and a few jams and chutneys.

-- On the coast you can find our juice at Corners of the Mouth in Mendocino, and Harvest Market and Down Home Foods in Fort Bragg.  They also carry our apples in season.