The hills have finally turned to their olive and gold color scheme, but we are still feeling very lush, thanks to mid-may rains. The river was refreshed and our swimming hole is the best we’ve seen in years. It looks like we will have plenty of apples, though not the bumper crop we enjoyed last year. The summer season is clearly upon us, we are seeing lots of family groups on the move. We still have openings in our cottages, so if you haven’t got your summer filled in, come on up and stay at the farm.

It is a very exciting year on the farm… Johnny and Eric are building their home across the creek and it is going up fast. Johnny will be full time and Eric and Melissa weekenders. We welcome them to our small farm community. Perry has joined forces with The Boonville Hotel to spearhead the kitchen, but also has his hands full at home with a new baby and a toddler. He and Kristin will also be joining us at the farm, as soon as they can get a house plan together and get it built. In the meantime their airstream parked on the site is a way to start getting the lay of the land. Last but not least Rita and Jerzy are going to need a real house before long and plans are under way for that as well. Their commitment to work with us at the farm makes the future very bright indeed.

What seemed like a fantasy back in 1984 is all coming together as our families grow and plant their own roots here on the farm.

Come stay with us - we hope to inspire you to create your own little community.

Karen and Tim and Jerzy and Rita.

The farm stand is open daily with a full pantry of lovely summer flavors packed in jars as well as dried apples and pears. You’ve eaten all of the fresh apples, so you’ll have to wait until late summer for more.

We hope you will come and stay in lovely cottages and Room with a View and experience the farm yourself. You will be able to make basic reservations on our system, but if you need to talk to us about an event or anything complicated, please contact us by email.

Gather your friends and or family and join us for some inspirational time in the kitchen and at table. Look under “Stay and Cook” for dates if you would like to join us for some time in the kitchen.

We’d love to see you.

The Apple Farmers

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