Our Vision

It was the cold wet winter of 1984 when we first began to tame the wild and neglected property that we call simply “The Apple Farm.” There were apple trees, but it wasn't much of a farm. Over a quarter century, we have come a long way. To our delight we now have three generations working together in ever greater harmony with the land.

Our years of working the farm led us from conventional practices, through transition, and on to many years of being certified organic. We want to continue to evolve and have chosen biodynamic farming as a framework in which we can further develop our relationship with our farm. It is an endlessly fascinating endeavor and we are all energized by the new and old ideas that we unearth.

Our trips to Slow Foods’ Terra Madre event in Italy, and our experiences at the Eco Farm Conference in Pacific Grove have made us realize again how important our role is in the movement towards finding sustainable ways to feed and nurture ourselves in our changing world.

We are proud of our buildings, which fit into the environment and provide us with delightful spaces to work, as well as our gardens, which grow more productive and more beautiful every year. The younger generation cares for our animals from which we glean milk, cheese and meats and welcome additions to our compost.

In the fall of ’05, we took a big leap and together with Sandy Mailliard and Vicky Moss, opened a shop in Boonville, the Farmhouse Mercantile. We have filled it with our Apple Farm products as well as lovely things for the home that are mostly useful and affordable. Look for them in the historic Farrer Building (currently being revived by Johnny and partners) across from The Boonville Hotel.

Our cooking weekends continue to be a source of inspiration as well as income. The sharing of all we do with those of you who visit has been immensely satisfying.

Please keep coming! Our gate is almost always open.