Rates: Just Stay

Weekend and holiday rates are $300 per night plus the 11% county bed tax, with a two night minimum.  Just Stay is  available unless a cooking weekend or event is scheduled.

We charge an additional $40 a night per additional guest including children, beyond double occupancy (no charge for infants).  There will be a place to make additions to your reservation when you book.

Contact us for last minute reservations or special requests.

A 50% deposit is required and due when you make your reservation. All payments are non-refundable.  The balance is due 10 days before arrival.

Rates: Stay & Cook

The cost for our weekend cooking experience is $375 per person + a minimum two night stay in one of our rooms. The experience includes three hands-on meals, recipes, instruction, and of course, plenty of good local wine.   The total for a couple should come to $1,416 with tax.

The Midweek cost is $125 per person + at least one night in one of our rooms.  It includes hands-on instruction, recipes, and wine.  The total for a couple should come to $550 plus bed tax (11% on room.) 

Unless you are local, please plan on booking one of our rooms for the full experience.  We will assume all guests who are staying will also book and participate in the cooking experience.  Contact us for exceptions such as adding children to the mix.

A 50% deposit is required and due when you make your reservation. All payments are non-refundable. The balance for Stay and Cook is due 30 days before arrival.