Stay & Cook

We don’t call what we offer cooking classes, since there is no formal curriculum. We don’t call them demonstrations, since guests take part in the cooking rather than just observing. For experiences where guests stay overnight and join us in the preparation and enjoyment of meals, we’ve landed on the term “Stay & Cook”. It might be a weekend or a midweek dinner. Either way, you will get a taste of cooking and staying on a working farm, and will come away with recipes, new ideas, and inspiration.

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What We Do

Our focus for the last 15 years has been mostly cooking related during our farm weekends. We are now finding that many folks are eager to develop their homesteading skills and knowledge. With over 25 years of homesteading behind us, we welcome you to come and take advantage of what we’ve learned. Karen leads the way in the kitchen and has many years of practical garden and landscaping skills to share as well. Tim is a wealth of knowledge about apple varieties and orchard management on both a large and small scale. He loves to talk about his passion. Rita has taken the vegetable garden to new heights and keeps us well stocked in produce. Rita’s husband Jerzy is a man of many talents and can be found stepping many roles around the farm. Sophia adds animal husbandry to the mix and often provides meat for our meals.