Stay & Cook Weekend Schedule

Stay & Cook weekends are our one-of-a-kind experience where you spend a weekend on the farm and together we prepare and enjoy three meals throughout your stay: Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner, and Sunday brunch.

It is really like a house party with everyone participating at whatever level they are comfortable with. The mood is casual and there is plenty of time for questions and discussion. We prefer to work on one recipe at a time so that everyone learns them all.

The menus and recipes are selected to take advantage of the best the season, the farm, and the region has to offer. We also try to cover a wide variety of cooking techniques. It can be quite a puzzle with so many repeat customers and the uncertain nature of food procurement. Friday morning finds us still working out the details as we gather the ingredients.

Friday night we welcome you to check in at 3pm or take your time and stop to eat somewhere along the way. We highly recommend that you make a reservation at The Boonville Hotel’s Table 128, and keep it in the family. Be sure to check out their Local Stuff page for more recommendations in the area.

Saturday morning starts off with breakfast from 8:30 to 9:30—a simple repast of biscuits, coffee, our good apple juice and a selection of our jams. Tim often leads a farm walk before we start cooking at 10 am.

We will do a little prep for our dinner, then prepare lunch and sit down at the table around 12:30. By 2pm we are usually ready for a break. You can walk in the woods, visit a winery, lie by the river or lounge in your cottage. We come back to the kitchen by 5pm and the cooking commences. Our Saturday night menu is the most ambitious and involves multiple courses, which will be accompanied by local wines. You are also welcome to bring a bottle to share if you’d like.

On Sunday morning we keep it simple with a little lighter breakfast and then move right into preparing our brunch. We try to be at table before noon. You should be on your way by one - fully sated and hopefully inspired.