and the year winds down . . .

Fall is pretty hard to beat around here. The crop is in, the farm is mostly put to bed and  the weather  is showing off all of its variations. The colors are really quite magnificent. We spent a few days on the coast and driving back into the valley was like moving into technocolor.

We have a sense of accomplishment for all the work we have done, as well as a bit of perspective on what we have not. The winter awaits and with it the hope of a bit of hibernation time. We have done our last cider pressing, our last farmers market for the season, and we are down to just a few varieties of apples at the Farmstand. We will likely be sold out before Christmas. We have been keeping Cruz extra busy this year producing jams and chutneys, putting "a little bit of summer in a jar", so keep on coming by , we have a great selection. 

Our 2018 calendar is open through June, and we expect to open the second half just as soon as we get our bigger groups into place. You are welcome to email or call about dates through summer and fall. Our cottages are open through the deep of winter for "Just Stay" and are a perfect place to retreat with a friend or a good book. The winter brings all kinds of weather , you may be walking in the woods, sitting in the sun, or watching the river rise.  

We hope you will think about planning a future visit with family and friends when you come together for the holidays. We continue to enjoy the bounty of our farm, the beauty of our valley and the gathering place we have created. We are happy to share it all with you and look forward to your next visit.    


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