What's New on the Farm

Winter came on strong this year and brought the long awaited rain. The river is running full and healthy but has stayed within it's banks. The grass is green, green, green and the few eggs that are starting to come in are a fine stand in for the sunshine.  It is our time to make plans and improvements to set the stage for the coming busy season. When it is not too wet we move into the orchard and garden to begin the work that will bring us this year's bounty. 

Our Stay and Cook weekends and midweek dinners are filling nicely and planning of weddings and gatherings is under way. We have started to open some summer dates for Just Stay and Farm Feasts as our group weekend dates settle in. We still have a few weekends set aside for groups or gatherings. If you are interested send us an email and we can start the conversation.

 Our Farm Feasts  will continue this season through summer and fall.  They are festive occasions with a nice mix of locals and out of towners and a perfect way to show off our farm and its bounty. We all look forward to coming into the kitchen and making a lovely meal from the fruits of our labor.

We are very happy with our newish reservation system through our website. It seems to be more efficient for everyone and has freed up time to be out and about on the farm doing what we do best.  We still love to hear from you, so feel free  to call or email with any questions you may have and help us  work out the bugs. 

Our Farm Stand continues to be open daily and we love to see so many familiar faces coming and going. Spring is a lovely  time to visit with a bounty of roses in bloom, and summer is just around the corner and we will soon be busy as bees.

The Apple Farmers


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