after the rain...

We asked for rain and we got it, lots of it. Now we are learning to live with the consequences, good and bad. The erosion is way beyond our capacity to deal with in a big way. We will ease the bank, stock pile that beautiful sandy river silt for our gardens, instead of letting it fall into the river, and put in some willows in an effort to hold the bank during next year's rainy season. The land is still there, it's just 20 feet lower than it was. There doesn't appear to be any financial assistance out there that fits our situation, but we will continue to explore possible avenues for future erosion control.

The good news is that we are drilling a new well and getting good and plentiful water without having to go too deep. It should be up and running before June. Meanwhile we are relying on the original shallow well on the property. Our other exciting news is that we were finally able to bring together multiple funding sources and replace our old mainline river irrigation system with a brand new one. Moving pipe is a big part of summer around here and the new system should make it all a lot more efficient. We won't miss the geysers that have been part of our lives for over 30 years, every time the old steel pipe sprung a leak.

There are still plenty of openings on the calendar for both summer and fall, and as always midweek is great for last minute decisions to get out of town. We hope you can join us this season on our little piece of heaven in Anderson Valley.


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