and the rains came...again and again

We've been asking for rain, so we can hardly complain, but the reality of our Navarro River in all its glory is an awesome experience. October's eight inches was followed by a nice collection of storms, but the big one didn't come until the second week of January. We had 10 inches in 8 days and the river came up and over its banks twice during that time. February brought more storms and the river jumped its banks two more times, a new record.

 We live on the river and have learned a lot about it in our over 30 years here on the farm but this time we suffered some real damage. We had lost a beautiful stand of alders a few years back at the mouth of the creek. That started a chain reaction and we are now looking at a naked 12'  high bank of silt over a 1000 foot long vulnerable stretch of the river. The well established trees and shrubs in the riparian zone are gone. Our main well is now out in the middle of the river channel and will have to be replaced.  We have many resources and are gathering information about our options.   So goes the life of a farmer...

Winter is a great time to reflect and plan for the future and we are doing just that. We don't plan on any really big changes, but are paying attention to the trends we see and trying to figure out how to work with them. Balance is what we are after and every year brings us closer to our goal.

Our calendar is open for the season, so check out the Overview if you are interested in joining us for a Stay and Cook experience. The rest of the days are open for Just Stay.  The calendar will continue to evolve, so if you don't see a date that works for you, contact us for more information.  We  still have a few open weekends that would be a good fit for Gatherings. They are noted on the Overview.   

Spring is busting out all over - its a great time to come and luxuriate in all the green grass and blossoms. 


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