Its all about apples...

Here they come . . . a dazzling array of colors, shapes, sizes and flavors spread out over the next couple of months. Our farmstand has the best selection and changes by the day, but we are making the trip to San Francisco's Ferry Plaza Market  every couple of weeks on Saturdays if you can't make it up to the farm. Check out our Facebook page for dates.

It has been a rough year and the apples are showing a bit of wear and tear, but never judge a book by it's cover. We will have an abundant supply of what we call our "number two" apples. We've culled the most perfect specimens for the market and thrown the really ugly ones into the juice bin. What's left are perfectly delicious apples at a reasonable price. They are available at the farm and through some of our distributors in either 25 or 40 boxes.

Cider pressing has commenced with all the usual breakdowns and adjustments. We have some fresh at the farmstand, and some backup in the freezer. Stop by and get a frozen one to keep your ice chest cold, then enjoy as it thaws. 

Our weekends are pretty full but there are openings here and there for both "Just Stay" and our "Stay and Cook" offerings, check out where they fall on the Overview heading. As always, last minute weekday trips can usually be accommodated and are a lovely way to experience a more peaceful version of our valley. The one we love.

Come share the bounty on a Stay and Cook weekend, Just Stay, or drop by the Farmstand for a taste of Fall. We look forward to your next visit.    


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