winter continues…but signs of spring are poking out here and there all over the farm.

We have had quite a satisfying winter, enjoying the holidays, and taking a very relaxing south seas vacation with friends and family. The rains are adding up to a normal year which is always a relief. The river has come up several times, with the last big storm taking out many more pear trees and now moving into the apple block. The riparian in that area is almost gone and the riverbank is unrecognizable. We are thankful that our homes are high and dry, but it is more than a bit scary to contemplate what the future might bring.

We are gathering our forces, reviewing our year and thinking about the future. All best done on a rainy day.

The farm stand is open daily with a full pantry of lovely summer flavors packed in jars as well as dried apples and pears. You’ve eaten all of the fresh apples, so you’ll have to wait until late summer for more.

We hope you will come and stay in lovely cottages and Room with a View and experience the farm yourself. You will be able to make basic reservations on our system, but if you need to talk to us about an event or anything complicated, please contact us by email. We have now opened our summer calendar for “Just Stay” but there are still some weekends open if you are thinking about bringing a group or planning an event.

Gather your friends and or family and join us for some inspirational time in the kitchen and at table. Look under “Stay and Cook” for dates if you would like to join us. We will be adding additional midweek dates soon. We’d love to see you in the coming year.

The Apple Farmers

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