Made from Apples 100%

Our apple products are the result of many years of experiments with the goal of eventually being able to process all of the fruit that is not table quality. We have achieved our goal and feel we have come up with some exceptional apple products. We know many of you agree.


64 oz bottle, $10.00; 10 oz bottle, $2.50
A blend of our wonderful Philo Gold and tart green apples. Processed at one of the few remaining canneries in Sonoma County, our juice is pasteurized at minimal temperatures, resulting in a fresh flavored juice that is totally safe and easier to digest than fresh cider. Available year round at the Farm. Not suitable for shipping but we do work with a couple of Bay Area distributors.


500 ML glass jug, $18.00
Also known as Boiled Cider in old New England . Our fresh farm pressed cider is reduced to one seventh of its volume. The result is tart, sweet and caramelized. Try it with any apple dessert, on French toast or over vanilla ice cream with toasted pecans. Don't forget to think of it in a savory way.


750 ML bottle, $10.00
A rich and mellow pure vinegar. We take the slow route and feel that nature's way is the best; aged in oak and bottled in its raw state. Try making a daily tonic with a little local honey and warm water and see if it cures what ails ya. Don't be alarmed if you find a little of the mother floating around.


250 ML bottle, $18.00
Probably our most successful invention. A blend of our best aged vinegar and our cider syrup, it is not a traditional balsamic, but it has so many similarities that it seems to be the best description. Add to vinaigrettes and sauces, great for deglazing and drizzled over all manner of foods.


750 ML bottle, $14.00 or $25.00 for 2
Our farmhouse cider contains no additives of any kind. We rely on the natural yeasts for fermentation and the individual apples for flavor and variation. The result is a lovely dry cider, refreshing with our meals and as an ingredient in soups and stews. Each 60 gallon barrel is fermented dry then tasted and blended if necessary for complexity. The ones we don't like go into the vinegar barrel. No shipping.