Jam & Jelly

We take jam making seriously. It requires the best fruit you can find and the patience to coax out its pure essence. Over the years we have worked on securing the best varieties of our favorite fruits. We grow the ones we can and work with other organic farmers to supply our other favorites. We use all organically grown fruit with rare exceptions in extreme years. We have yet to find an acceptable replacement for good old white sugar, but we will keep trying. The fruit is hand cut and cooked in very small batches (about 8 jars) in our traditional confiture pans. This quick, hot processing brings out the best flavor and keeps the color bright and true. All are packed in a full pint jar at $16.00 each.


We insist on the old fashioned Royal Blenheim apricots. Happily, there are still several orchards in Northern California growing this rare variety. The kernels found in the jar are from the apricot's pit and add a wonderful flavor.

PLUM JAM Sold Out Until Summer 2019

After years of waiting for a bumper crop from our own Santa Rosa plum trees, we have to concede that we need to look somewhere warmer. We work with several farms to source the best. The tart skins impart a wonderful flavor and the color is superb.

RASPBERRY JAM Sold Out Until Summer 2019

These are our own estate grown Heritage raspberries. We keep planting more and yet never seem to have enough. It's a seedy one, because we love the texture as well as the bright flavor.

BLACKBERRY JAM    Sold Out Until Summer 2019

We comb the hedgerows around the farm and actually encourage the beasts, believe it or not. The amount we produce is directly dependent on the sun. One good heat wave, and the season is over.


Our favorite variety is "Wonderful", grown in the hot central valley. The supply can be somewhat elusive, so we make the jelly when we find the right fruit.


We use sour and seedy Seville oranges as well as Blood oranges from Heath Ranch in Orland. It is chewy, bitter and sweet all at the same time. You will have to choose between our hand cut SEVILLE or BLOOD ORANGE varieties.