Farm Stand: Fresh Apples & Pears

Check the key on the left for location specifics for each type of fruit. For further descriptions of our apples, visit our Varieties page. WE ARE UNABLE TO SHIP APPLES TO INDIVIDUALS.

A: Readily available for serveral weeks during season. Your store should have no problem finding these.
B: Case lots go out to our distributors, but sometimes only one shipment, depending on fruit set.
C: No guarantee that these will get to market...but for sure at the Farm Stand and usually the SF Farmers' Market.
D: Only at the farm. Call for availability.
E: We don't know yet about flavor or productivity...but we’ve heard good things.

Fresh Apples

Check the key at the top for location specifics for each type of fruit.

Arkansas Black middle October C
Art’s Apple middle October C
Ashmead’s Kernal early September C
Astrachan (Red) early July C
Baldwin middle September C
Belle De Boskoop middle September D
Black Twig late October B
Braeburn early October C
Bramley Seedling middle September C
Cherry Cox unknown MS
Cinnamon Spice middle September C
Coes Golden Drop unknown E
Connell Red middle August B
Cortland middle September D
Cox’s Orange Pippin late August C
Crabapples middle July - early September C
Crimson Gold late September D
Duchess of Oldenberg middle July D
Fall Pippin middle August B
Fireside late September C
Foxwhelp early September D
Fuji early October D
Gold Rush late September C
Golden Russet middle September D
Gravenstein early August A
Grenadine unknown MS
Hanner’s Best middle September D
Hauer Pippin November
Hidden Rose Apples™ middle September D
Hudson’s Golden Gem early October D
Jonathan middle September A
Karmijn D’Sonneville middle September D
Kerry Irish Pippin middle August D
Kidd’s Orange Red late September C
King David late September B
King of Tompkins middle September C
King Solomon middle September D
Lady Apple late October D
McIntosh late August B
Melrose middle September C
Morgenduft early October D
Neidwetzkyana late August E
Newtown Pippin early October D
Nodhead unknown E
Northern Spy early October C
Orange Pippin late August C
Paladay Bouquet middle August D
Philo Gold late August A
Pink Pearl middle August B
Pride O’ Philo late October C
Red Delicious middle September C
Red Gold early September C
Rhode Island Greening late August C
Roxbury Russet late September D
Sierra Beauty early October A
Spitzenberg late September B
Splendour middle September C
Stayman Winesap late September D
Swaar late September D
Sweet Sixteen middle September D
Tremlett’s Bitter late August E
Tydeman Red early August C
Wealthy middle August D
Westfield Seek No Further late September D
White Winter Pearmain late October C
Wickson early October B
Winter Banana late September C
Yarlington Mill unknown E
Yellow Bellflower early October D
York early October D
Zabergrau Reinette unknown E


Fresh Pears

Check the key at the top for location specifics for each type of fruit.

Bartlett middle August B
Bosc late September B
Buerre Hardy (French Butter Pear) middle September C
Comice late September D
D’Anjou late September D
New Flemish early October D
Red Clapp unknown D
Seckel middle September D
Winter Nelis middle October D

Fresh Quince

Check the key at the top for location specifics for each type of fruit.

Constantinople unknown D
Crimea middle September D
Kuanching unknown D
Orange late September C
Pineapple early September C
Smyrna early October C